The Dragon Slayer: Age of a Hero’s Call

My fantasy book, coming out sometime … in the hopefully near future?  Really excited about this one!


     Rebel.  Ashyra Wyndthorne, a remnant of the once glorious dragon slayers, finds herself hunted under King Ergon’s draconian rule.  Evading and outwitting, she travels in growing fame among the villages, living only for glory and honor in the world of men.  But she is not the only one to fight the Terrible Lizards of the North.  A mysterious warrior, surpassing even her own skills, has been staying one step ahead of her, leaving behind only unsolved mysteries and defeated dragons.

In her quest to uncover this uncanny warrior, Ashyra is swept up in a fight far beyond anything she has ever experienced before.  Amidst chaos, war, and bloodshed, she must decide what she is fighting for … the fate of the world may depend on it.

From Legend a Dragon will arise.